NWC at The Playwright…

Join us for our second Saturday of the month meeting- NWC at The Playwright.

An opportunity for writers to get together in an informal atmosphere on a Saturday afternoon.

Talk writing, do writing, and go home with a writing challenge to be completed for the next meeting- not compulsory.

Arrive in the first hour and have lunch while you get to know people. You can join in any time during the afternoon, and leave early if you need to.

This meeting is free, but please show your appreciation for the venue providing the space by buying a drink, and/or food- it’s tasty too.

Fourth Friday with NWC…

Join us for our regular fourth Friday with NWC, on the 24th June at the Nottingham Mechanics, from 2.30-4.30 pm.

There will be time for reading out your work- including from those who did the homework assignment.
You’ll be able to get creative with a writing exercise, and there will be time to chat about writing.
Meeting fees apply: members £3; non-members £5.

May Meeting at NWC…

Join us for our May, NWC meeting on Friday the 27th from 2.30-4.45 pm.

Meeting content remains flexible, so we can offer a variety of content in the afternoon. There’s always time for a writing related chat, and either a mini-workshop or a couple of writing exercises to get you thinking. Manuscript feedback is generally bi-monthly.

If one of our writing exercises sparks your creativity, then take it home and carry on writing. We enjoy hearing the results at the next meeting.

All attendees pay a small charge per meeting.

NWC members: £3

Visitors: £5

Any other questions, please use our contact form.

Workshop Your Short-Story-Themed…

This month we are holding a workshop.

Successful published short-story writer, Keith Havers, will be leading this month’s session. Your story can be any length from flash fiction  up to 1200 words on the theme enclosed space.

Perhaps, you have a suitable story all ready written. If not, put a few ideas down on your page.

Please be aware plug points in the meeting room are limited, so charge any devices before attending the meeting.

We’ll be in the Lounge on the first floor of the Nottingham Mechanics.

Meeting Fees

Non-members: £5

Members: £3


Annual membership: £16 (please request a form at the meeting).

Membership is currently open to new writers, and members renewing for another year.


September Meeting- We’re Back…

Where and When

We’re delighted to announce our in-person meetings return this month.

Join us from 2.30-5 pm this Friday 24th September at the Nottingham Mechanics, North Sherwood Street in the city centre.


The September meeting will be a catch-up on what our members have been working on- and any successes since we were last together. We’ll also be renewing memberships and signing up new members.

We still welcome visitors for a small charge: £5

As with many organisations, there’s been a few changes #post pandemic.

  • We have reduced the membership fee and combined our previous member categories.


For the remainder of 2021 our meetings will remain on the fourth Friday of the month (even if the month has five Fridays).

Our venue currently has limited opening times, so we are no longer able to meet on an evening or Saturday.  We chose a Friday afternoon as it may help those writers who have flexible working hours. Unfortunately, we know this may not suit everyone.

Meanwhile, we are looking for additional venues for potential monthly Saturday afternoons meetings.


We want our members and visitors to feel safe at our meetings. The room we are using, has both space and ventilation. The NWC Committee confirm that anyone wishing to wear a face mask or shield are welcome to do so.

We will be updating the website in the coming months to reflect membership changes. So please contact us?: if you are interested in taking up membership, or have any queries relating to meetings.

You can also check our social media for the latest updates. Either Facebook  or Twitter.

March: Read and Write Night…

Our March, Read and Write Night will be our regular mix of manuscript reading, discussion and the writing exercise focusing on beginnings.

The members in-depth group will be in session at the same time.

We hope to see as many members and visitors who are able to attend.

With the existing Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, please ensure you follow NHS guidance on good hand hygiene. If you need further information, please follow this link to the NHS web page.


February: Read & Write Night

We’re happy to say that Wednesday’s Read and Write night will take place at our usual venue, the Nottingham Mechanics, from 7 to 9 pm.

Sadly, the current bridge closures remain in place, but actions to improve traffic flow around the city centre have improved traffic flow.

Whether travelling by road or public transport, we’d still recommend allowing extra time to travel into the city centre on Wednesday evening.

During the evening we’ll be reading manuscripts, have discussions and a practical writing exercise. The members in-depth group will also be meeting.

Visitors are welcome for a small fee.

Questions? Then please use our Contact Us form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

January Workshop: Conflict

We’re starting the New Year with our workshop on conflict; internal and external…

There will be writing exercises and discussion as part of the evening, so don’t forget to bring paper and a pen. If you’re using a digital device, please ensure it’s fully charged.

This is our first meeting on the ground-floor in the Restaurant area at our regular venue in the Nottingham Mechanics, and there are a few changes you need to know. Please ensure you read the following information to ensure your visit runs smoothly.

After entering the entrance lobby, you will need to be signed in and pay £2 to the Mechanics door person…

Visitors will then only need to pay NWC £3.

We hope to streamline this process for future meetings, but for the moment this is the system we must use, so please endeavour to arrive before the 7 pm start. Arriving after this time may mean a temporary delay in getting you signed in.

Happy New Year.



Join Us For A Writers’ Meet-Up…

Join us for a regular meet-up of writers in the Waterstones Coffee Shop on the third floor of the bookshop in Nottingham city centre. We meet on the fourth Friday of each month- even if it’s a five-week month.

Come along for a chat, ask for thoughts on a writing problem or do what writers enjoy doing when they get together, drink tea/coffee or whatever you prefer while you talk writing, books you’ve read or other related topics.

Arrive and leave at your own schedule, even if you only have an hour. You don’t even have to be an NWC member to join in.

Please buy a drink and/or food while you’re using the coffee shop, as it is a business for paying customers…

Read and Write Night…

Join us for our last Read and Write Night of this year’s programme.

There’s the opportunity for: manuscript reading with constructive feedback, a writing exercise with a yuletide theme, and you can share your current writing issues for helpful suggestions.

Our in-depth group (for full members only) will also meet.

You’re welcome to come along as a visitor to any meeting for a small fee…

Questions? Please use our Contact Us form.