Beginnings and Endings…

Join us for our beginnings and endings focus topic at this month’s meeting at the Nottingham Mechanics.

From 1 pm we’ll have our regular  session, constructive feedback on your writing.

Then, from 2.30 pm onward, the focus topic is starting your stories, and ending them. We’re also making time for writing problems- if you have them.

If you can’t be there for the 1 pm start, arrive when you can. Or join us for 2.30.

This meeting has a small charge for all attendees, whether a visitor or NWC member. (Sorry, we can’t accept card payments.)

Annual membership is always available. Please use our contact form to request up to date details, or if you have any questions about our meetings.


Second Saturday Meeting…

Our April second Saturday meeting at The Playwright, is focusing on the theme of disguise/disguises.

We’re a mixed age, and ability, group of writers- both NWC members and non-members.

From 12.30-1.30 pm, there’s time to eat, chat, and get to know other writers.

Then, 1.30 we move onto listening to the poetry and prose written around this months homework; the theme of disguise/disguises. Any style, any genre, or none. There’s no compulsion to do the homework or read it out.

After the readings, the session becomes flexible. Want constructive feedback on an excerpt of your writing? Then this is your opportunity.

Arrive at the time that fits your needs, and leave as late or as early as you need.

Want to find out more about NWC membership? Then get in touch via our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


We’re Meeting at The Mechanics…

Join us from 1 pm to 4.30 pm as we’re meeting at the Nottingham Mechanics for our regular fourth Friday, in the Boardroom on the first floor (lift available).

From 1 pm we’ll be giving time to manuscript reading for constructive comments- poetry and prose. You can ask writing questions if you need to, and take time to chat.

Alternatively, you might prefer to stop for lunch in the ground floor restaurant. Good food, and great value.

Then, from 2.30 onward, we’ll focus on the 7 Basic Plots in our mini-workshop. So bring something to write on, or with, because they’ll be a practical aspect too.

There is a charge for this meeting: NWC members £3, visitors £5. Membership is available at any time of the year.

Need further info? Then please us our contact form .


Saturday at The Playwright…

Our Saturday at the Playwright, meeting begins at 12.30 pm and goes on to 4.30, but we’re flexible with arrival and departure times.

For our March session, the voluntary homework is to write a piece of prose up to 800 words, or a poem- if that’s your preference. The theme is, Feud.

Arrive early to have time for dinner and chat, before we officially start at 1.30 pm hearing the stories and poems written on this month’s theme.

Then the rest of the meeting is flexible.  Our second Saturday meetings are informal, and non-members are welcome.

We’re building a writing community; so whether you’re a new writer, unpublished, or published, come and join us.

Any questions, get in touch via our contact form. 


Mini Workshop – Story Shapes…

Join us for our fourth Friday meeting at the Nottingham Mechanics, where we’re continuing our mini workshop focussing on story shapes.

In January, we created our protagonist’s normal, and moved onto the inciting incident, where the story ramps up.

For February we’re moving on, as we take our chosen character on their new journey, with the first turning point, then midway, and if we have time this month, the second turning point and conclusion.

We’ll also be looking at ways to increase tension and conflict too.

Part one, from 1-2.15pm there’s time for manuscript feedback, chatting with other writers, and asking your writing questions. Part two from 2.30 onward is the mini workshop session until 4.30 pm, with a short break around 3.30.

The Mechanics restaurant is open to buy lunch until 2 pm, so if you only want to attend the workshop, relax over a good value lunch or snack, before joining us for part two.

This meeting has a small charge. NWC members £3; visitors £5.

Any questions? Please use the contact form to get in touch.




Christmas Second Saturday Meeting…

Join us for our Christmas second Saturday meeting at our regular venue, The Playwright.

This is our last meeting for 2023.

We’ll be celebrating the yuletide season with reading our Christmas stories with a twist, and general fun- chocolate has been mentioned…

Wear your Christmassy gear- jumpers especially.

Meetings resume January 2024, and we’ll let you know the dates and locations as soon as they’re booked.

Any questions about membership or meetings, please use our contact form.





October Saturday and Get Spooky…

Join us for our October second Saturday where we get spooky.

This month, the writing challenge is to create a creepy story of around 800 words- or less. And an extra challenge is to include the word ‘creepy’ somewhere within the text.

We’re at our regular second-Saturday venue, The Playwright, in the events room, from 12.30 pm onward.

Arrive early for lunch, a drink, and chat with other writers, and then from 1.30 it’s hearing the creepy tales. Expect fun and shivers aplenty from a bunch of talented writers.

Interested in our annual membership? Then please use our contact form to find out more.



Fourth Friday at The Mechanics

It’s time for our fourth Friday meeting at the Nottingham Mechanics. We meet in the Boardroom on the first floor.

During the first half, 1 pm to 2.30 pm, there’s an opportunity to read your work for constructive feedback, ask questions, and chat to other writers. Alternatively, you can buy lunch and a drink in the Mechanics restaurant between midday and 2 pm.

This month, we’re focusing on punctuation during the second half of the meeting (2.30 pm onward).

September is an ideal time to take up membership, it’s £18 a year. (Please use the contact form for more details).

Don’t forget to bring along something to write with, as we have fun exercises that will get you and your mind, working with words.

Meeting fee: visitors £5, members £3.

Second Saturday in September

Our September second Saturday meeting at The Playwright, and this is the first of our autumn meetings.

The Saturday meetings allows time to chat, write, and if you’ve done the fun homework- read it out, or not.

Arrive at 12.30 to get lunch, a drink, and chat with other early arrivals. Then from 1.30 pm the session ramps up with the results of the writing homework (set the previous month). But we’re flexible, so don’t worry if you can’t arrive until later.

There’s always a writing session, and the opportunity to read work out for constructive comment.

If you’d like to try the homework theme, here it is: a short story (between 400 and 800 words). ‘At least next time I won’t have to dismantle the piano’.

We finish around 4 pm, and you’re welcome to stay longer. Or if you need to leave early, that’s okay too.

Any questions about the meetings, or you’d like to join NWC, please use our contact form.

NWC at The Playwright…

You can join NWC at The Playwright for our August second Saturday meeting.

This is our only meeting this month.

We’ll be a smaller group than usual, but doing the things you enjoy at busier second Saturdays.

And if you arrive early, you’ll have time to buy lunch and a drink, then chat with other writers before the main session begins.

All writers welcome…

Our new membership year begins in September, so look out for our updates here, and on our Twitter page, or Facebook.