Viv Apple

  • Read a selection of poems at The Fringe at The Ship Event.
  • Has received a commission to write a poem for a wedding in November.
  • Poem ‘Washing Up’ on the ‘Give a Poem a Voice’ website

Leatta Antcliff

  • 15th e-book ‘The Haunting of Pandora Fox’ published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.
  • Fifteenth novel ‘A Man named Klaus’ accepted by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.
  • Short story ‘Agnes’ accepted for broadcast.
  • In the Pre-editors and Editors readers’ poll, her novel ‘Jason Spells it Out’ reached fifth in the top ten children’s stories.

Ann Bell

  • Accepted as a reviewer for an American book site.

Carol Bevitt

  • A story in the One Word Anthology 2013 by the Talkback Writers now available in print.
  • Co-hosted an online launch party based around Facebook for the One Word Anthology.
  • Read a short story and some flash fiction at The Fringe at The Ship Event.

Les Davey

  • Poem ‘Letter to Harald Hardraada in Vallhaala, delivered to him on 26th September 1066’ in the Anglo-Saxon society magazine ‘Widowinde’.
  • Poem ‘Richard the Lionheart’ published in the newsletter of the Archery Collectors’ Guild.
  • Two poems recited at Bromley House. ‘She walks in Beauty’ by Byron and ‘Summer’s Eve’ by Les.
  • Letter in the Nottingham Post.
  • Letter in The Nottingham Post.
  • Poem in Anglo Saxon Journal
  • 3 letters in the Nottingham Post.

Keith Havers

  • Stories in The Weekly News in June and July.
  • Story in The People’s Friend in July.
  • Story sold to Yours magazine for the October edition.
  • A short story ‘A Waste of Time’ in People’s Friend, February.

Graham Wright

  • News features ‘Muscles and Motors’ and ‘New Year, New Publicans’ in Ruddington Village News and website.
  • Accepted for the Ruddington Village News publication and website:
    News features ‘Drinks and More…’, ‘Go to Gracie’s!’ ‘We will Remember Them’.
  • 4 articles in the Ruddington Village News:
    ‘End of the Road for Ruddington Travel’, ‘A Village too Vast’, ‘Nottingham comes to Ruddington’ and ‘We’re on the Telly Again!’.

Leatta Antcliff

  • Novel Dead Dogs don’t Bark accepted by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.
  • The Adventures of Jason Foster going into print with GS Publishing.

Viv Apple

  • Review in The Times 19th March
  • Article in the NEP
  • Letter in Radio Times 5th to 12th March issue
  • Article about Alan Sillitoe Statue Fund in NEP 14th April
  • Three poems Starlings, Heat and Aftermath 1943 in the 60th Anniversary Anthology of the Nottingham Poetry Society.

Les Davey

  • Article in ‘Ramblers’ magazine
  • 5 articles in ‘Bombala Times’, Australia
  • 4 letters in NEP
  • Article on roman arrowhead for the Archer Antiquarie Society.
  • Essay on living and working on barges on the Trent, on displayed in the museum in Newark.
  • 4 articles in Bombala Times, Outback, Australia
  • 5 letters in the NEP
  • 1 letter in Archery GB plus a prize
  • 3 essays ‘Living and Working on Barges, Nottingham to Hull’, is now on the internet.
  • Four letters and one poem in the NEP
  • Four articles in Bombala Times

Keith Havers

  • Short story in September issue of Take a Break Fiction Feast.
  • Short story sold to That’s Life in Australia
  • Short story in The Weekly News

Bernice Kozlowski

  • Interview on Radio Nottingham
  • Gave a book lecture at St John’s Church, Bakersfield
  • Gave a talk at Carlton Library
  • Book published in 2010
  • Letter in NEP
  • Article in The Daily Mail
  • Book signing at WH Smith’s in Skegness

Ron Morris

  • Book review in DH Lawrence Journal
  • Book review in Journal of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners
  • Item in Bosun’s Chronicle

Joan Wallace

  • Poem ‘Earthbound’ in NEP, 8th November 2010
  • Poem ‘Fallen Blossoms’ in NEP 6th December 2010
  • Poem ‘It’s My Age of Enlightenment’ in the Daily Mail, 7th January 2011
  • Commissioned by a TV production company to provide pictorial and narrative material for a series ‘Made in Britain’, due to be shown on BBC Spring 2011
  • Novel ‘Two of Clubs’ adopted by the University of Lincoln for a module for their drama degree course
  • Feature and photo in Spring Edition of This England about her Nottingham Empire theatrical career
  • Poem ‘Crowning Glory’ in the NEP 23rd February
  • Poem ‘Summer Gold’ in NEP 16th September
  • Poem ‘Player’s Angels’ in the NEP 29th September
  • Poem ‘Fancy a Quick Bit of Burnishing, Cleo?’ in the Daily Mail 30th September
  • Poem ‘Fallen’ in NEP 4th November

Jill Walmsley

  • Primeval Denial website weekly caption competitions:
    Joint second on 14th February,
    joint third on 21st March,
    joint first on 5th April and first place on 9th May.

Glenis Wilson

  • Contract from Commissioning Editor of Ulverscroft Publishers for novel ‘Vendetta’.

Graham Wright

  • News features ‘Ruddington Restaurant Renaissance’ and ‘Business Boos for Village Centre’ in Ruddington Village News, December 2010
  • News feature ‘Fitness, Food, Physio and Pharmaceuticals’ in Ruddington Village News, January 2011
  • Articles ‘Part One of OJ Blood The Blacksmith’ and ‘New Sainsbury’s opens this Month’ in Ruddington Newsletter, February.
  • 2 articles in the Ruddington Village Newsletter: O J Blood The Blacksmith (2 part feature) and ‘Still Tough for Traders’.
  • Articles ‘More Licks at the Vic!’ and ‘Ruddington’s Weather Record’ in the Ruddington Village Newsletter and on the Parish Council website.