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We meet at The Mechanics, North Sherwood Street, on the fourth Friday of each month (except for December) from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

From January 2022, we will also be meeting in one of the function rooms at The Playwright on Shakespeare Street on the second Saturday of the month from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

If you have a question, have a look to see if it is answered on our FAQ page.

Alternatively, send an email to or fill in the form below.

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    Facebook and Twitter: We use social media for up to date information, especially any change to times or venue, or if the meeting has to be cancelled at short notice because of, say, bad weather.

    E Mail: If you want to receive e-mail notifications about our meetings, please let us know via our Contact Form. Details of meetings are sent out in this way as well as being posted on Facebook and via Twitter.