Short List for National Flash Fiction Competition 2022

Story Title Pseudonym
Lost John Martin
Forgotten Shoes Jodie Clarke
A Maths Exam Crisp
The Vigil JP
Invitation Tulip
Another Time, Another Place Anna Lochlan
It Comes in Waves Kerry Potter
Sandcastles Heidi Park
Changing Worlds Elsie Woods
The Mysterious Ways … Elsie Woods
We’ve Fudged It Cornelius Caramel
Idle Hands Carrie Ring
Last Wishes of a … J D Simonsson
A Telephone Conversation Margo Polo
Postcard from Ibiza Lorraine Shirley
The Visiting House John Vincent
A Rare and Beautiful Creature SamJam
More Time Cat 21
Missing Witness Jules Drup
Wish You Were Here April Moon
Postcard, etc. Jane Sheldon
If Kate MacKellar
Wish You Were Here Bomak
Revenge is better taken cold Arpa doppia
Blood Moon A N Other 9
Searchlight Serenade Thea Moore
Stuck in Limbo Joseph Cain