Membership Details

We have three types of membership: full, family and associate.

Full Membership is available to all writers and, as well as having 22 meetings a year, members receive a copy of our quarterly magazine, Scribe, can enter quarterly competitions for prose and poetry and the annual trophy competitions, all of which receive feedback from our judges. There is also an In Depth Feedback group where members can get together to discuss their work in great detail. For more information, please use our Contact Form or download our membership form.

Family Membership is all of the above but for two members of the same family. Download the family membership form.

All members’ e mail addresses go onto our list and you’ll receive regular information about Club activities as well as other events happening in our area.

Associate Membership is for people who’d like to be involved in Club activities but can’t get to meetings. For £15 per year, you get a pdf of our quarterly magazine, Scribe, which contains write ups of our activities and our quarterly prose and poetry competitions which you can enter. For more details, use our Contact Form or download our associate membership form.