Workshop Your Short-Story-Themed…

This month we are holding a workshop.

Successful published short-story writer, Keith Havers, will be leading this month’s session. Your story can be any length from flash fiction  up to 1200 words on the theme enclosed space.

Perhaps, you have a suitable story all ready written. If not, put a few ideas down on your page.

Please be aware plug points in the meeting room are limited, so charge any devices before attending the meeting.

We’ll be in the Lounge on the first floor of the Nottingham Mechanics.

Meeting Fees

Non-members: £5

Members: £3


Annual membership: £16 (please request a form at the meeting).

Membership is currently open to new writers, and members renewing for another year.


January Workshop: Conflict

We’re starting the New Year with our workshop on conflict; internal and external…

There will be writing exercises and discussion as part of the evening, so don’t forget to bring paper and a pen. If you’re using a digital device, please ensure it’s fully charged.

This is our first meeting on the ground-floor in the Restaurant area at our regular venue in the Nottingham Mechanics, and there are a few changes you need to know. Please ensure you read the following information to ensure your visit runs smoothly.

After entering the entrance lobby, you will need to be signed in and pay £2 to the Mechanics door person…

Visitors will then only need to pay NWC £3.

We hope to streamline this process for future meetings, but for the moment this is the system we must use, so please endeavour to arrive before the 7 pm start. Arriving after this time may mean a temporary delay in getting you signed in.

Happy New Year.