May Meeting at NWC…

Join us for our May, NWC meeting on Friday the 27th from 2.30-4.45 pm.

Meeting content remains flexible, so we can offer a variety of content in the afternoon. There’s always time for a writing related chat, and either a mini-workshop or a couple of writing exercises to get you thinking. Manuscript feedback is generally bi-monthly.

If one of our writing exercises sparks your creativity, then take it home and carry on writing. We enjoy hearing the results at the next meeting.

All attendees pay a small charge per meeting.

NWC members: £3

Visitors: £5

Any other questions, please use our contact form.

March: Read and Write Night…

Our March, Read and Write Night will be our regular mix of manuscript reading, discussion and the writing exercise focusing on beginnings.

The members in-depth group will be in session at the same time.

We hope to see as many members and visitors who are able to attend.

With the existing Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation, please ensure you follow NHS guidance on good hand hygiene. If you need further information, please follow this link to the NHS web page.


September: Read & Write Night…

We’re back from our summer break with our new style Read & Write Night which will remain a regular part of our programme alongside: workshops, speakers, annual competitions and Christmas social events.

This month there will be discussion, manuscript reading with constructive comments, as well as a writing exercise for those who want to concentrate on developing their writing skills.

Our aim is to keep the format  of the evening flexible so you get the most out of the meetings. This will also give you the opportunity to experience the different elements we offer.

Visitors are welcome, but we hope you’ll like what we offer and take up membership…


March: Manuscript Reading…

For our March meeting we’ll be manuscript reading and sharing potential solutions to your writing issues.

It may be you have a particular issue with your story and you just need to talk to other writers who have had similar issues with their work. Or perhaps you just need someone else to ask the key question that could unlock the door to you making progress.

We’ll be keeping the session flexible as the format of the evening is dependent on numbers attending.

Should there be a high number of manuscripts we may have to limit the time available to each person, so please be prepared. If you have a long chapter or lengthy short story it would help if you can identify suitable stopping points in your manuscript- if it should be needed.

Whether it’s a novel, poetry, a short story or a non-fiction topic you’ll be welcome…