Read and Write Night…

Join us for our last Read and Write Night of this year’s programme.

There’s the opportunity for: manuscript reading with constructive feedback, a writing exercise with a yuletide theme, and you can share your current writing issues for helpful suggestions.

Our in-depth group (for full members only) will also meet.

You’re welcome to come along as a visitor to any meeting for a small fee…

Questions? Please use our Contact Us form.

Join Us For A Writers’ Meet-Up..

Join us for a regular meet-up of writers in the coffee shop on the third floor of Waterstones bookshop in Nottingham city centre. We meet on the fourth Friday of each month- even if it’s a five-week month.

Come along for a chat, ask for thoughts on a writing problem or do what writers like doing when they get together, drink tea/coffee or whatever you prefer while you talk writing, books you’ve read or other related topics.

Arrive and leave at your own schedule, even if you only have an hour. You don’t even have to be an NWC member to join in.

Please buy a drink and/or food while you’re using the coffee shop, as it is a business for paying customers…

Manuscript Evening…

Join us for the NWC Manuscript Evening this June’s meeting; this is a mixed evening for both members and visitors.

We have a short writing session as well as manuscript reading with constructive feedback, as well as discussion on writing related topics, flexible for  the members and visitors.

The in-depth  group (paid full NWC members)  takes place at the meeting separate from the main NWC meeting taking place.

If you have NWC paid membership and are interested in the in-depth group please contact us either at meetings or online via our contact form.

For anyone attending the meeting planning to use a laptop/ netbook to write PLEASE ensure you have adequate battery power available. Paper is available.



March: Manuscript Reading…

For our March meeting we’ll be manuscript reading and sharing potential solutions to your writing issues.

It may be you have a particular issue with your story and you just need to talk to other writers who have had similar issues with their work. Or perhaps you just need someone else to ask the key question that could unlock the door to you making progress.

We’ll be keeping the session flexible as the format of the evening is dependent on numbers attending.

Should there be a high number of manuscripts we may have to limit the time available to each person, so please be prepared. If you have a long chapter or lengthy short story it would help if you can identify suitable stopping points in your manuscript- if it should be needed.

Whether it’s a novel, poetry, a short story or a non-fiction topic you’ll be welcome…


February: What’s Your Writing Problem?

Join us for our February meeting where it’s all about what’s your writing problem?

Whatever your writing issue the aim is to help you find a solution or a methods to assist, using the combined knowledge and experience of the writers attending.

We’re keeping the format of the session flexible so we can work with the topics raised in the time available; this may range from small discussion groups to feedback to the whole room.

We know that you may have more than one writing issue, but please choose one that is the most important to you. Sometimes solving one issue unlocks others…




Workshop: Basic Editing…

To get everyone back into writing mode for the coming year, we’re doing a basic editing mini-workshop.

Editing is a big topic and as we only have a set amount of time we’re going to focus on raising your awareness, a few common errors and then a practical session.

Whether you enter competitions or send your work out to magazines you need to improve your manuscripts by editing.  Your first draft is the foundation and you can build upon that by improving your editing skills.

In part one of the evening we’ll be looking at book excepts before moving on to the more common issues. While in part two attendees can spend some time editing their own work to see if they can improve their text and make it stronger.

Please bring some of your own writing along with you for part two of the evening.


June Read & Write Night…

As the June Read & Write night date also happens to be #National Writing Day we’ll be joining in at Wednesday’s session.

We have a dialogue exercise, as we’ve had a number of requests to revisit the topic- so our aim is to write the first draft of a ‘dialogue only’ story.

Writing Magazine also run a dialogue only story in the early part of the year, so come along to this week’s Read & Write night and try this style out. If it works for you, you’ll have the start of an entry for next year…

The members in-depth group is taking a short break until the autumn…

Saturday Afternoon: Romance with Clare Harvey…

On Saturday 17th February join us for an afternoon of romance with our guest, local author Clare Harvey.

Clare Harvey
     ©Simon Buck

Clare is a former winner of the Romantic Novelists Association’s Joan Hessayon Award for New Writers.

We’re delighted to preview the format for our Saturday afternoon session.


Brief introduction from Clare, about herself and her books, and the aims of the afternoon. Followed by a short time for you to get to know the writers sharing your table.

Topics for the afternoon:

  • First scene; how to get your main characters together; and sex scenes. Each of these will include writing prompts as well as discussion.
  • Plot and Structure discussions that feedback to all attendees; moving on to editing and the publication process.

No one will have to read their work out, but discussion will be encouraged.

By the end of the afternoon you will have three pieces of writing that you can take home and continue to develop.

The final half hour is a Q&A, followed by the opportunity for you to purchase Clare’s books and get them personally signed.

Sorry, advanced booking is now closed.
But you can still pay on the day (until all places are filled).